'See what the letter B stands for in Police vehicles

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Twitter always reveals things that most people do not notice when an image appears on Twitter, when there are police cars with the letter B at the beginning of each license plate and at the end a Twitter user was very curious about what it meant. 

The person posted it and asked and wrote in the captioned post what it means to point a finger emoji. In the image, here is the image of the social media platform Twitter that received a lot of recognition and questions because many people did not know what that letter B means. 

On each protractor there is the letter b at the beginning of each plate and also at the end, so it has to have a meaning, it cannot be like that and not have a clear meaning. While people were busy explaining what these B's mean, a person came up with a clear explanation of what these letters mean. Here's a screenshot of Twitter's explanation in one of the comments. 

Many people on the streets have a strange explanation of what the b stood for, some said it stood for bopha, and some said it stood for bofebe. Each of the people who communicated had their own definition. 

Source:Twitter social media platform

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