U/W: 4 Upper West MMDCE Applicants called for Vetting in Accra


Some Four MMDCE applicants from Sissala East Municipality of Upper West Region have been shortlisted for vetting in Accra according to Radform FM's news Desk Reporter, Bashiru Jinapor in Tumu.

Accoring to the News Desk, the Four including the Incumbent Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Karim Nanyua are Expected in Accra for the Vetting before finally pronouncing the Appointed.

The Process of vetting MMDCE applicants started in May with 129 vying for 11 slots in Upper West Region, 1, Mr

Saaka Adams however stepped down in the dieing minutes over personal reasons.

Upper West Region has 5 municipalities and Six Districts.


"The following persons have been officially invited to come for vetting; they were called through phone from the presidency. 

Vetting will come off this Wednesday at the national level.

Good luck to all of them. 

1. Benin Sulemani  

2. Abdul Karim Nanyua 

3. Yakubu Fuseini

4. Asemonu Atta Robert".

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