Finally Ghanaians Reacts Over What A Girl Was Spotted Doing Inside The River


There is a trending picture that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms, where a certain young girl whose name was not given for security reasons, was caught on Camera in the river doing what has gotten the massive Reactions of some Ghanaians.

According to the picture which was shared by a correspondent who chose to be anonymous, the unidentified girl went swimming inside the river with some boys, but judging from her facial expressions, she is unable to swim, thus she needed help from the boys that was with her as at the time the picture was taken.

In Reacting to the photos, some Ghanaians stated that:

"This is very wrong. What could have made her decide to swim knowing fully well that she is not got at swimming. What if she got drowned in the river, or what if the boys took advantage of her", A Ghanaian Said.

"A look in her face shows that she is cold, scared and needed some help. She could have meet her end, if she didn't get help", One Olivia Said.

Below are the comments and Reactions of some Ghanaians:

Meanwhile, with a clear analysis over the photos, one can not help but believe that she was actually traped inside the river, as at the time the photos was snapped.

What is your opinion over this Photos?