"The Mentality I Want to Leave This Country Has Destroyed the Future of Many" - Ada Karl


It is a common notion and a popular utterance on the lips of most Nigerian youths who are sometimes overwhelmed by the situation of things in the country, the popular sentence usually noticed coming out of virtually every youth's mouths is 'I'm leaving this country'. This is our fatherland and the thoughts of departing it for another country where there is better chance of survival is not a strong willed action taking by many, but due to one decision or another, many are forced to take this decisions of leaving the country. 

A popular actress, Ada Karl has however expressed her opinion on the subject as she opined that the decision usually made by most Nigerian youths in leaving this country is one of the things affecting the county. She encouraged everyone to work hard and stay focused as she thinks there is many legal means of making it in the country. 

What is being figured as a major lesson from her post is the negative implications that the youths migrating to another country may bring on at later dates. It can result in brain drain where there is not enough youth in the country against to cater for the human resources demands in the country. 

Since youths have been tagged as the leaders of tomorrow, the major tasks of the country changing for the good is heavily weighed on the youths who are still energetic and blessed with more time compared to people of older age brackets. 

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