Do You Love Eating Suya? See The Various Health Issues You Can Get When You Eat Too Much Suya!

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Hello everyone,

Many of us eat Suya, right,? Good. Suya are gotten from either the liver of rams or made from beef. Suyas are like roasted meat or chicken with pepper, cabbage, onion and other toppings.

However, do you know that too much of Suyas can cause some health issues? Yes, it can and I'll tell you the health issues in this post.

1)When you eat too much Suya at night, you tend to wake up with a headache the following morning or worse, migraine.

2)Too much of Suyas can cause hemorrhoids. When you have hemorrhoids, you'll find it hard to pass out stool.

3)Too much of Suyas, can cause acid reflux. Acid reflux happens when your food isn't digested and cause heart burn. Suya can cause this.

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