After He Was Begged Not To Expose Buhari's Doctor's Address, See What Reno Wrote About Fear Of Death


Reno Omokri has been up and about the protest he started in London where he and others, demand that the president of Nigeria, President Mohammadu Buhari should go back to Nigeria and fix the problems other than running to receive treatment in London, a foreign country.

The protest began few hours after it was announced that Mohammadu Buhari had arrived London for medical check-up, Reno Omokri and his followers stormed the Abuja house in London, demanding that the president get back to Nigeria and build hospitals that can handle his health issues.

Reno Omokri had been treathening to release the address of the doctor of president Mohammadu Buhari to the public, but according to his tweet, some elder statesmen have pleaded with him not to do that.

About six hours after he agreed not to expose the address of the doctor of President Mohammadu Buhari in London, on of course the condition that the paid crowd of pro Buhari protesters stop coming to stop their peaceful protest any more. He shared a post about death and not being afraid to die.

In his post, he stated that too many people are afraid of dying and it should not be so. He said no one should worry about death because it would surely be tasted by all, so long Christ tarries.

Speaking obviously to the Christians, he stated that the focus of humans should not be on dying but in living and in doing so rightly. Rather than exists and think about death all the time, he advised that everyone should focus on living and living rightly.

This is what he posted few minutes ago on his official Twitter handle;

"Too many people fear death. Dont worry about death. As long as Christ tarries, everybody will taste death. Instead, focus on life. How are you living your life? Everybody dies, but not everyone lives. Do you have a purpose or are you just existing?"

In my opinion; Anyone who follows or knows Reno Omokri would understand that he may have been living by this rule of not being afraid of death for a long time now. Before the incident of the London protest, Reno had been speaking out what many are afraid to utter.

To connect this tweet to what he is currently doing in London, trying to make sure Buhari leaves London and returns to Nigeria is the key point of this article, is he ready to give his life for this course?

I will let you make your suggestions in the comment box below, would you give your life for a course like this if it comes to that?