CS Keter Blasts CS Munyes Over Increase in Fuel Prices, Reveals The Following

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According to CS Energy Charles Keter, he is being blamed over nothing on matters around the increase in fuel prices. He has put the matter squarely at the door step of his colleague CS for Petroleum John Munyes who he says was given the mandate by the president Uhuru Kenyatta due to his qualifications for the job.

According to CS Keter its the CS Petroleum who must tell Kenyans on why fuel prices have hit the roof and not himself. This is the reason he didn't bother going to the senate to answer on the matter for it doesn't fall in his docket though it concerns him a lot as a citizen of this country.

Keter wants the Petroleum CS John Munyes to answer the questions around the increase in petrol and all other fuel unseat of causing tension in the country. It's clear the differences between Uhuru and his deputy is boiling down to the Cabinet Secretaries something detrimental to this country.

The fact of the matter is that the Cabinet seems dysfunctional for its clear it's even difficult to understand them. Whether Keter and Munyes fights is an extension of Uhuru, Ruto wars only time will tell for truly we live in extremely interesting times economically and politically.

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