There's nobody who showed off his wealth on social media who didn't attract snakes - Charles Awuzie


South Africa Cyber Security Expert and founder of one the fast rising Tech Company in Africa, Charles Awuzie took to his verified Facebook page to warn celebrities who are fond of flaunting their wealth on social media.

Checkout the screenshots:

Learning From The foolishness of #HamiltonNdlovu...

He's a 32 year old Man in South Africa. During the lock down, he bought multiple German cars and SHOWED THEM OFF on social media. If you live in South Africa, you should know that SARS (South African Revenue Service) isn't a lazy Tax Man and they use social media to monitor the activities of the rich who flaunt their wealth on social media while not paying to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Hamilton's mistake IS NOT flaunting his wealth on social media. No. His mistake is ignoring the tax man while making millions and then showing off the millions right in the face of the tax man.

Today, he has been slammed with a R32 million Bill (over 2 million US dollars debt) and his assets frozen. In a split second, this rising BLACK entrepreneur has found his wealth crashing over night. If you live in South Africa and you are making money in this country - go and make peace with the tax man. Secondly, ANYTIME YOU SHOW OFF YOUR MONEY ON SOCIAL MEDIA, IT WILL ALWAYS END IN TEARS. I want you to be conscious of this... There's nobody who showed off his wealth on social media who didn't attract snakes. Nobody.

Before you post your wealth on social media, ask yourself, "IS THERE SOMEONE WHO MAY SEE THIS AND USE IT TO WORK AGAINST ME?" If you are not sure of the answer, don't post it. I also do know that sometimes as an entrepreneur, you would need to convince your market that you are not a beggar trying to steal their money and you may want to 'show off' a bit of your wealth... If that's your situation, please take a deep breath and calm down. I have a principle that has worked for me in business - I don't do business with anyone who can only trust me when they see my wealth. If a client is not impressed by the intelligence of our company, then we have no deal.

Don't build your brand around luxury - even if you sell luxury products. Build your brand around intelligence. This way, you wouldn't have to publicly share your wealth and attract snakes.