R kelly is trending, look what why?

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Topic: R kelly is trending, look what why?

R Kelly divided the world when some people were against him, even advocating that his music must be removed in all media platforms and people should stop buying and listen his music. But his fans stood up for him and continue supporting him and advocating that he's innocent.

Yesterday he was trending because of His fans are still saying that he is innocent that is why he's trending. Some even went further to debate about his music, how good it is and that add on trends and last nignt he was trending number 1.

Robert Sylvester Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and convicted sex offender. He has been credited with helping to redefine R&B and hip hop, earning nicknames such as "the King of R&B", "the King of Pop-Soul", and the "Pied Piper of R&B.

Unfortunately there are bad things which he did some years back and they are the reasons why he's behind bars now. It has been reported that he sexual abused so many girls during his career and he was also sleeping with minors.

Fikas shared that " Kellz is Trending cause we his fans love him, also cause he live rent free in the haters' heads, Happy People til we die!!!"

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