"Wacha Kutubeba Ufala" Angry Kenyans Gang up Against DP Ruto's Foot Soldier After Making This Remark


You can't fool Kenyans no matter how clever you are. President Uhuru Kenyatta is having problems of convincing Mt Kenya people to support Hon Raila Odinga because of what he told them back in 2012 and 2017 respectively. According to not only section of legislators but voters in Mt Kenya claim president Uhuru Kenyatta told them Raila is bad.

DP Ruto's Mt Kenya watch dog Ndindi Nyoro claimed yesterday on live TV that only two families are running the country's economy. He avoided mentioning but angry Kenyans reacted telling him that he was at the fore front of supporting that family threes times.

"The real corruption in this country is state capture. Out of the top 10 richest people in Kenya, the top 2 are families I can't mention. These families use govt machinery and policies to make their companies flourish at the expense of real hardworking people."Kihara MP NdindiNyoro.

"What did you mean when you yelled all over in 2017 that the son of that family you don't want to mention should suspend the constitution for 6 months and rule by fist. Wacha kutubeba ufala, tema hio Chavis."

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