"Pray for Connie Ferguson" said people after she posted her late husband

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Connie Ferguson is one of the talented actresses on television. She has been appearing on the screen for years now after she made her show. She is the owner of the telenovela which is called the Queen. The show is watched by millions of people in South Africa even outside SA.

Well, Connie was faced with a bad shadow the last few months where she lost the love of her life. After that, she took a break from social media and her show. She didn't the courage to face the world and talk to other people while she was in pain.

After a month she told the media that she is going back to her show. She is tired of being home and feeling lonely she should try to be busy. She started going back to the boxing classes that she used to do with her late husband. People and fans were so happy to see her trying to live her life again.

Everyone knows that some people lose themselves after they lost their loved ones. They start feeling lost and do not see the reason for them to be alive anymore. Connie has been strong so far as she put all her pain to the Lord.

She posted on Instagram and said "it's been two months. Today was a tough day, I needed a big hug from Heaven. By his grace, I managed to get through work and I was reminded that his power is made in perfect weakness. Grateful for his love and mercy" Connie Ferguson posted this.

People felt so emotional after they saw her post because this shows that her wounds are still new. Her heart is still bleeding in pain missing her loved ones every day.

People are pleased to put her in their prayer and she also posted it on her story. That she needs a lot of prayers so that she can not lose herself in these hard times. She doesn't want to end up being depressed for being alone all the time.

Everyone knows the feeling of being alone after you were with someone for years. Now her house and rooms feel so empty because no one will call her name just to testable her.

People who have once lost their loved ones know the pain. After all the grief she tried to live normally but still, the pain hunts her. All the memories she shared with her partner are still hunting her.

She can not just forget about it but she has to live with the heart which knows that he is no more. South Africans need to try and put her in their prayers every time they sleep so that she will be strong too.

No money can indeed buy happiness, she is left with millions but none of that makes her happy. The only thing that made her happy was the husband that God gave to her.

She found love at a young age but she was the happiest woman. People tried to give her the hugs she needed through comments so that she feel comfortable. She spends time with kids now so that she can be able to smile.

Leave a message or prayer for this woman not to lose her strength to face the crowds. So that she remains strong for those who love her. She the article to your friend and invite them to come and read Opera News.


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