What Happened In Embakasi That Left Some Kenyans Counting Losses

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Cases of robbery has been of late rampant in our country most so in major towns and cities.A number of cases of robbed items have been reported to various police stations across the country and DCI are currently doing investigations.Thieves use different ways to steal which include hijercking,robbery with violence,pick pocketing among other ways.

A number of Kenyans are now counting losses following what happened in Embakasi.Following the report by Kenya roads traffic alert ma3route a number of people were pick pocketed during bursary issuing in Embakasi by unknown people.A number of people lost their phones during the incident.Kenyans have been warned of buying second hand phones without a clear document which shows the phone's originality since this may land an individual into the hands of the director of criminal investigation if at all the phone was stolen.Kenyans are also advised to be very careful with their properties and also to work closely with security officers in order to curb such cases.


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