South Africans Rush Money On The Streets After a CIT Robbery Today (Video)

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Hundreds of South Africans were filmed rushing plenty of cash after a successful CIT robbery today. They started packing the money that was left behind by the robbers, who hurriedly got away after allegedly carting away considerable sums of money. Crime reporter, Yusuf Abramjee reported about this ugly incident today via his Twitter handle where he normally relays his messages. He wrote, “Today’s CIT Robbery N1/N7, Cape Town: Scramble for cash after the robbers left”. The rate of Cash – money - transit in South Africa is increasing over the years, causing security risk.

Many of the onlookers were able to take away considerable sums of money, to tuck wands of cash in their bras and pants. Some packed the money on their chest and rush into the bush to arrange it, and others reach for their bags and made away with what the robbers left behind. People were matching and pushing themselves as they grab the money, each person trying to gather more than other person. All through the incident, no security operative showed up at the spot, so they took their time to ransack the entire vehicle and made away with what they can get from the scene. Watch the video below.


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