Buying past Questions is not best practice Mr. Education Minister


The foundation of any successful education system is not hinged on past questions Ghanaians tell the Education Minister.

The Minister for Education addressing parliament on July 14th reported to parliament that it has spent almost 34M to procure past questions and chief examiners report to SHS students for 2021 academic year.

This has brought the amount of money spent on past questions to ¢68M including that of 2020 Academic year.

This report has created so much controversy since it was reported. Many Educationists including head masters, teachers and Ghanaians did not find it reasonable enough to spend whooping ¢68M on past questions.

The minister in his wisdom thinks spending such an amount on past questions to the neglect of text books is the best practice.

Meanwhile, WAEC Examiners report is available for download on their website. It is only Teachers who can explain the techniques in answering questions to their students.

Most people think that what the minister was saying does not make sense in the presence of the challenges facing our educational system. We don't have textbooks, Teaching and Learning Resources, computer Laboratories, even furniture and all you think of is past question.

If that is the priority, then teachers should stop teaching from day one and depend on solving past questions. If the past questions is the way to go.