Ministry Of Defense Announces Recruitment Opportunities Up For Grabs

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The ministry of defense has announced a massive job opportunities for youth which are normally done yearly. The recruitment of Kenya defense forces cadates is done yearly and more and more youths are being absorbed.

The advertisement was made today in a publication by the Ministry of defense through their official Facebook page.

Youths are encouraged to apply through the said channels. The recruitment process is as usual and no additional requirements apart from the common certificates, required weight and age.Among the required GSO cadates, the specialist officers are also recruited through the process. This requires a degree holder who have had experience in his line of specifications.

Kenyans are encouraged to apply the various advertised slots. The link to the advert will be provided at the end of this article. Further details are contained in the link.Here are some of the further details about the planned recruitment scheduled for between now and January.

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