Kameme Fm Presenters Join Their Colleague Kihenjo in Nyandarua After The Loss of His Grandmother


In a recent social media post, Ngoni Wa Thuita kicked off by stating that they had gone to Nyandarua to console with their friend and colleague Kihenjo whose grandmother was being laid to rest.

Ngoni also got to state that Kihenjo's grandmother is the one that got to raise Kihenjo since his early years. In attendance was also Muthoni Wa Kirumba who hosts the Kameme Fm's mid-morning show together with Kihenjo.

Losing a loved one is not an easy experience since it hits hard considering one will never see them again being left with only memories. The peace of the Lord is what we declare upon Kihenjo's family during this hard period and may granny rest in eternal peace.

It is important that friends got to stand with the family during this period as it is helpful for them and it also makes one to feel the love.

The photos are courtesy of Ngoni Thuita Olematope's social media.

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