Meet “Okomfo Anokye", The greatest priest To come from Africa


Legends have been anticipated so often however none has been rehashed and treasured for this exceptionally long. The romantic tale between Okomfo Anokye and the Ashantis is one that will not be forgotten at any point in the near future. Okomfo Anokye is viewed as the best Priest to at any point emerge from the African mainland. His heroics can bear witness to that reality. 

At the hour of his introduction to the world, his two palms were solidly held together and couldn't be isolated. Inquisitive to understand what he was grasping. Inside his palm were chain of commands accepted to be from the divine beings. 

Sometime down the road, he accomplished organization and was given the title "Okomfo". His complete name became Okomfo Anokye. His tribal home (the house he was brought into the world in) is inverse the Awukugua Chief Palace. 

A hallowed place is likewise situated at Awukugua and is a successive site of meeting for the Ohum celebration in October. The hallowed place comprises of a palm tree, which he moved without his shoes, and a huge stone, from which he cut a round of Oware situated in Awukugua-Akuapim. 

This man brought the Ashanti and the Nzema together after the brilliant stool arrived on his lap and provided for the Ashanti King. As a result of him, Ashanti and Nzema live in harmony and have the option to wed each other. 

Okomfo Anokye has set a blade in the Ashanti realm. Yet, nobody incorporating the Europeans with their most recent innovation have had the option to eliminate it till now. 

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It is accepted that Okomfo Anokye could eliminate his digestion tracts, balance them to dry and later set them back. His accounts and legends are perpetual. 

As indicated by legend, Okomfo Anokye never passed on. He became weary of how his kin were passing on and chosen to proceed to get the demise key. He advised individuals not to cry when he is gone but rather following not many days that he didn't return, the ladies began crying. Also, therefore, he stayed away forever. 

Okomfo Anokye has a medical clinic named after him just to show the amount he is respected by the Ashanti realm. 

Do you think Okomfo Anokye was the best Priest ever?