Woman left horrified after the driver allegedly started masturbating when this happened

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Women go through a lot everyday.It is heartbreaking to note the level of abuse some women get exposed to .

A woman from Manchester was reported to have been left horrified and disrespected after the Uber driver allegedly did the least expected when she was still in the car .It was reported that they got stuck in traffic and the Uber driver allegedly started masturbating.

To make matters worse, the female passenger got off the car and went to the nearest police station but it was alleged that they did not believe her .The incident is reported to have taken place on Thursday around 11pm .

When the incident of the Uber driver allegedly took place ,she was sitting at the back. When she asked the driver what he was doing, she allegedly got no response, hence the decision to get out of the car.The spokesperson for the Uber company reportedly confirmed that the driver's account had been suspended.



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