"A Real Life For A Soldier " Reactions After A Police Officer Is Captured Eating From A Spade


Kenyans have elicited mixed reactions after this photo of a police officer eating from a spade Resurfaced Online. The humble looking officer is captured comfortably taking his meal in a compromising situation.

Despite eating through the use of the spade, it was also notable that there was no chair in the structure which looked like a store and instead he was sitting on a Jerrican. Kenyans sympathized with this situation acknowledging the struggles laws enforcers go through.

One Kenyan reacted by saying this is the real life of a soldier and that Officers even use their caps as plates if they are in areas where it's difficult to get plates or when time does not allow.

We should really appreciate the good work done by our officers irrespective of the differences we might have. They usually sacrifice their life for our safety. What's your take on this. Kindly share and follow for more updates.

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