Mistakes Men Should Avoid When Pursuing a Woman


By consylukayu

When trying to win a woman's heai, you better avoid making these mistakes that men make when pursuing a lady;

1• Showing no sexual intentions at all_ Don't wait till the end of times to let her know that you desire her sexually.Chances are that she badly needs it as bad as you do.lf you act so nice and reserved, you will soon be put in the friend or brother zone.lt won't be easy to get out of that zone.

2• Being needy_ We get it that you want this girl so bad.But this is no reason to text her a million times a day.She will be wondering whether you have no work to do apart from pestering her with endless messages.

3•Trying too hard to get her

A woman will always know that a man is trying too hard to make her happy.This is the kind of guy who tries so hard to crack jokes just to see the lady laughing,he will exaggerate his achievements just to win the girl and will spend tons of money to impress her.You don't need to do all that and it's not an attractive trait.

4•Not being clear in your intentions_ Most men make this mistake from the beginning.You should put your intentions clear I black and white.lf you want to sleep with her and you are not interested in a relationship, let her know, it's not a crime to want nothing more of it.

Have you ever done all sorts of rubbish, just to win a girl heart?lf yes please share with me and please share this article to bring in more discussion thanks.

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