"I Will Never Find Love" Story Of A Girl With 85% Burnt Body, Impregnated And Abandoned By Friend


We are all born in God's image and likeness and in His eyes we are beautiful. However, we do not wish for accidents to happen but sometimes we cannot avoid them. Today,i bring you a story of a 21 year old girl, Jesper Favor who has 85% burnt body.

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Favor was born normal but 3 days after she was born there was short circuit that led to fire. Her parents were outside while she was inside sleeping. But the father risked his life to save her and luckily they survived hut seriously injured.

They were rushed to the hospital but when doctors were uncovering her hands she lost some of them. She spent one and half years in the hospital. However,the body scars started paining and she had over 85% burnt body.

At first Favor was hiding in the house since she was bullied in school and in the society. But later she developed self acceptance. She was impregnated by a friend which made her drop out of school who abandoned him. This is the reason she thinks that she will never find true love again.

But her scare are always painful when exposed to sunlight and the head scars sometimes cracks.

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