How Do Pilots Fly Airplanes Without Front lights at Night


Pilots face difficult time while flying the planes at night this is because the airplanes lack front lights that can enable a pilot to see through the dark sky and this can lead to a plane crash.

The airplane manufacturers and airport designers have come up with ways to enable the Pilots to navigate and land without any problems

The following are the ways in which the Pilots use to avoid any crash with other planes.

1. Anti - collision beacon lights.

The blinking LED lights fixed on both wings indicate the direction the plane is taking.

The green light is used to indicate that the plane is facing the right while the red light indicates that the plane is facing the left direction.

In giving the direction they help to prevent one plane from crashing onto another plane.

Also the the LED lights visible from the ground helps other Pilots spot the plane in the air.

This can help the pilot to wait and check on the direction the other pilot in the sky is taking before flying to the sky.

2. Plenty of illumination

The airplane manufacturers have designed the planes in such a way that they have plenty of illumination so as to help the plane to be visible to other planes in the area.

Do you think its good for planes to lack front lights?

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