Former ODM Member Of Parliament Imprisoned For One year Without A Fine

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Senior principal magistrate Hellen Onkwoni sentenced former Laikipia North Member of Parliament Hon. Matthew Lempurkel for one year imprisonment without options of a fine.

The former Orange Democratic Movement member of Parliament was charged for slapping his college Hon. Sarah Korere who is the current member of Parliament in 2016.The time Lempurkel slapped Korere he was the sitting lawmaker while Korere was the nominated member of Parliament.

The magistrate said that Lempurkel is a leader who needs to serve as an example according to the mitigation record.

"I note from mitigation record that the accused is a leader who needs to lead by an example. I promise to sentence him to serve one jail imprisonment," Onkwoni ruled.

According to my own opinion, The magistrate did good thing so it becomes a lesson to political leaders who like treating others with contempt. If the leader slapes his own college he extends that manners to common citizens twice.

What is your opinion on this sentiment?

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