Reactions As Kenyans Spot New Problem With Nairobi Expressway

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Kenyans have noticed a new problem with Nairobi Expressway regarding it's drainage system. According to a video shared by Ma3Route,the surrounding land on the Nairobi Expressway has poor drainage system and rain water do not flow,instead, the water accumulates in the middle of the road. Cars and buses are forced to blindly pass through the stagnant water to the other under.

You can watch the video in the link provided below:

This is a whole problem on Mombasa road.

"Nairobi Expressway,no drainage system really? Still on construction,no plans for them or it's a separate project we be patient." Ma3Route shared.

This is very dangerous even when the final product is not yet unveiled. Stagnant water on roads are dangerous blind post and a way to divert this water to flow should be found as soon as possible.

The project is expected to be completed by next year and is aimed at solving traffic problems within the city.

See some of the reactions of Kenyans:

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