OPINION| Mchunu's department must deliver its service to the communities without blaming anyone

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The state of municipalities will leave you num I don't understand when will these comrades understand the success of municipalities is the success of the cities/ towns and a country as a whole. The mistake you can ever make is believe that politicians are the answer to this country, we have mayors in this country who can't even read and understand the role but are running this municipalities, it's a mess when every body is looting and nothing left for the poor everything becomes stand still, no one want to take responsibility for services left undone

Thank you ANC for an incredible 28 years of service or should I say disservice you have accomplished absolutely nothing, but you are always ready to blame someone else for your mistakes. I miss the days when water was flowing, electricity was always on, our roads were good, maintenence of things were always done, systems were working, hospitals were clean, etc dare I go on please do us all a favour and step down so we can fix our country ourselves


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