Mavin will give you money if we like your talent - Don Jazzy replies lady


Nigerian record producer, songwriter, singer, and entrepreneur, Michael Collins Ajereh, who is professionally known as Don Jazzy reveals what it takes to join his Mavin record label.

Navigating the complicated and cruel Nigerian music industry is not something one can do alone. Having the necessary talent may not be enough if you choose to go alone, that is why most people end up seeking the services of experienced professionals to help polish their raw talent into something the whole world will love to hear.

While joining a popular record label is seen as the easiest way, there is a popular belief that the road is not as straightforward as it seems, even with a record label.

To many people, you need a lot of money before signing for the best record labels out there, and I have heard you can also get scammed by hungry thieves and pimps if you are not careful.

Talking about record labels, there not many in Nigeria that can compare with the Michael Collins Ajereh owned Mavin Records.

Under the leadership of the man who is professionally known as Don Jazzy, Mavin Records has brought a lot of singers to the limelight.

It therefore makes perfect sense that any talented upcoming singer would want to join the Mavin record label, but what does it takes?

A young Nigerian lady who want to become part of the Mavin family took to social media to ask the Don Jazzy of the needed financial requirements to join the Mavin record label.

In reply, Don Jazzy explained that joining Mavin doesn't require any money. All you need is the talent and Mavin will give you money if they like your talent.

Don Jazzy went on to warn the young lady not to expose herself to scam in the name of joining Mavin.

Here are screenshots from their conversation:

Do you think a Nigerian record label will sign you without money? I have my doubts, but will have to agree since it is coming from Don Jazzy's mouth.