Francis Asenso Boakye is on a mission to own Bantama constituency.

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It is crystal. One can see a man on a mission to make a constituency his love him and make him their eternal legislature. The young and dynamic member of Parliament for the Bantama constituency, Francis Asenso Boakye is showing how truly he is of the grassroots, and how down to earth of a politician he is by the way he is associating with his constituents.

The former deputy Chief of staff in President Akufo-Addo's first term used the recess to go back to his constituency for what could be described as a hearty interaction. 

He was first seen on a Sunday morning playing soccer with a group of young guys within the area. Being the representative of one of the popular and most populated constituencies in the country, the young politician has taken his job and the constituency seriously in these early days. 

With only three months into office as an MP, Aseno Boakye has won the admiration of many constituents and non constituents alike. He moved to the constituency at the least opportunity to familiarise himself with the problems and needs of his people. 

One of the biggest problem members of Parliament face is that, they are often accused of not mingling with their constituents soon after elections is over. Some MPs vanish from the constituency till the next voting cycle. 

The current minister of Works and Housing seems to have learned a lesson from his predecessors. He is leaving no stone unturned with regard to making sure he becomes the man of the people and for the people. 

Observing from distance, we can only pray this trend continues. If it does, any future contender of Asenso Boakye will find it very difficult to succeed. 

These actions show that, the MP is in full control and ready to do what it takes to make the delegates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) keep him in their good books. 

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