Moment Nigerian Police Officer Was Seen Checking The Bag Of A Young Man


A popular Instagram blog known as "Massmediaforum" has taken to its page, a video of Nigerian police officer checking the bag of a young man whom he probably suspected to be carrying something illegal or something suspicious. The Nigerian police officer whose name was not mentioned was busy checking the bag of the young man and he kept bringing out all the valuables in the bag.

In the video, one could see that the police officer stopped two young men and checked the bag they were carrying. Probably, this incident happened in a Yoruba land because one woman who was behind the camera could be heard speaking Yoruba language and one lady was also speaking pidgin.

Take a look at the pictures that I extracted from the video and if you want to watch the video, there is a link in the bottom.

Do you support the idea of a police officer checking the bag of young men? In your own view, do you think the police officer invaded their privacy? You can watch the video here.