How to Make Money Through YouTube


Youtube is the new craze today. It is making people millionaire left right and center. Content creators from farmers to comedians to influencers are making a lot of money by sharing their content on YouTube.

How do they do it, it is very simple, first you have to find you area of expertise or niche. This can range from comedy to real estate, travel, product review and much more. You can also do videos on farming, cars and even worshipping.

After you have found your niche, look for a nice camera with a reasonable resolution to film your content. You can also add microphones and lightning if you are seriously heading toward minting YouTube millions.

You will also need a partner as a camera man or you can still film yourself on the go. Keep clean content and remove vulgar content in order to avoid your content being pulled out of the site. You should also have a timetable to follow on updating your content.

Next you will need a relatively good internet connection in order to upload your content on to the site. It will save you time if you have a great internet connection.

Lastly, your video tittle should be very creative and eye catching. You should also learn about thumbnail. Thumbnail is the image that sells your video for it is always displayed. Master this and things will go well.


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