“Emtee is a precious gift to all of us as Africans” - a fan comments. See what others said.

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Mthembeni Ndevu who is well-known by his stage name as Emtee The Hustler is a South African rapper and hip hop artist who has been in the entertainment and music industry for the past 7 years now. He was doing very amazing when he made his first debut as a musician at the age of 17 and few years down the line he went silent as he seems to be coming back so strong and powerful now. Because of being involved in drugs, Emtee lost all his dignity and everything he had worked hard for. Emtee was always not in a sober state to continue to write and release songs but focused on being involved in drugs and alcohol. His career went down to the drain and drowned into depression.As a youngster, father and husband, he has learnt from his past mistakes and is working so hard to rectify them and soar on high. He is back again as a rapper and hip hop artist and is doing exceptionally well and has created a good, healthy and peaceful environment within his relationship with his wife and kids. He truly and surely has came back to his senses and willing to do things right this time. This is what his fans are saying about him as he is rising up again:





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