Cyril Ramaphosa gives clear info about the next coming elections.

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That king, who beats up his subjects, loves using elections seasons to con politicians under the pretence of mortgaging the votes of his own people. South African electorate is use less, to be honest. Unemployment is very high, economic growth doesn't exist, crime is bad, infrastructure is crumbling etc but ANC is expected to win most municipalities. They only know how to deal with people like Cliff and John Steenhuisen. The issue of economic growth needs to debated at length. Let’s acknowledge government failures at all levels but what role has private corporate played to starve the country’s economy of growth? Do we have a room to deal resolve these issues?

Yesterday President Cyril Ramaphosa addressing members of the media on conclusion of yesterday's ’s campaign programme in Johannesburg region, He made a quick stop over during the campaign yesterday at a development of new Transitional Relocation Areas, a housing solution identified to de-densify hostels and informal settlements using multi stacked shipping containers and pre-fabricated structures. And the President he still believes that his Party ANC will win Elections, because his words and promises gives South Africans and youth hope that ANC will do better than before.

Opposition Parties always talk down voters, and call them names for voting the ANC despite its litany of challenges. Opposition leaders are failing to present a compelling case to voters, but often approach them with disdain for their loyalty for the ANC. They speak of ANC daily.

South African nation must always knows that, the South African problem is not politicians, but we as the voters. As long as the calibre of voters remain as they are, our reality will never change. "We will give you free electricity, houses, and grants" is the most disabling promise.


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