Meet Pretty Cassie And Marga Of “The Heiress” Telenovela. (PHOTOS)


Marga Mondragon and Cassie Mondragon are the center of attraction in the telenovela “The Heiress”. Cassie’s real name is Francine Diaz and Marga’s real name is Andrea Brillantes.

Starting with Cassie ( Francine Diaz), She is a Filipina actress and a celebrity endorser. She started acting at an early age. Some of the movies she has acted includes: Be My Lady We Will Survive, Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin, The Blood Sisters. She rose to fame when she played her first movie role in “The Heiress”. She was born in the year 2004.

Marga ( Andrea Brilliantes) on the other hand , is also a Filipina actress and a recording artist. she was born in the year 2003, which means that shrubs currently 18 years old.

Cassie and Marga’s role in the movie showed that they are really intelligent and very talented in their acting career and wish them both all the best.