Kannywood: My film 'Gidan Damben', will help late Ibro's actors and actresses - Singer Rarara


For the first time since the death of the legendary Rabilu Musa Danlasan (Ibro), the famous political musician, Dauda Adamu Kahutu (Rarara), has vowed to make a brilliant film that will restore the legacy of long-time comedians. hear their voices in the Kannywood industry.

Rarara, who is also the chairman of Rarara Multimedia, Kano, made the remarks in an interview with Film magazine on why he is directing the film. In an interview, he said it would be a boon to veteran players whose contributions to the community have been forgotten by the public when their star shines in Hausa.

Does this film, which will be released in Kano soon, serve as something for people to remember in memory of Ibro? This is a question that if the reader follows, he will hear the answer.

FIM: The reader will want to hear what attracted you to collect these old heroes to do this work for them.

RARARA: As everyone knows, this is a profession and we are in the service or say we are doing it, and the spectator always wants to see something new. Well these people, as is well known, are well known but now if you take a child under the age of 16, someone if you ask him doesn't even know who is called Barmo or Ɓawo, they don't know them Dabalo. And they are people who entertain people, who are alert to our culture and our religion, who are rarely seen crossing that line and saying something that is not in line with our religion or anything.

And all they have to do is to let the bad one take the good one and in English the person wants to be shown to him not to have to do a long thing before having fun; and jokes will entertain you.

Well, what really intrigued me was that I said let these people be physically involved because we should not be left with such people who have contributed to us before we were born or before us. adulthood contributes and here we come to find them alive, and we have the opportunity to do something that our children when they look at them and see how much they contribute. to benefit from that. You see, we should not ignore them. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

FIM: What kind of film would you prepare for the heroes?

RARARA: Well, look at how the Kannywood industry has changed, I'm going to make them the long-awaited film, the long-running film series. And we named the movie ‘Boxing Box’. And it's a business that we're going to get into, everyone is coming to work to be paid.

FIM: Why did you choose this ‘House of Boxing’ story as the one to be filmed?

RARARA: The reason why we take the story of 'Boxing' is because this house includes many things, for example, boxers, housekeepers, butchers, butchers, spectators and so on. they. So you see, everyone has to be in the house, and that gives us the desire to bring them back in this form, to keep us alert where they can. The boxing club is a home that is packed with a lot of people, and thus we will have the opportunity to summon many heroes.

FIM: Do you think combining these old heroes, especially those who worked with the late Rabilu Musa Ibro would not be an issue, look at one side you have chosen and you want to excel?

RARARA: Well, this statement you made by the late Ibro, may God have mercy on him and forgive him, everyone knows when it is said that Ibro is known for his films; it is a movie that gives entertainment and enlightenment, because when you are warned to be entertained, one laughs and rejoices until a message is conveyed in the right and wrong.

Just like when Ibro was alive he was the leader of these people, and since then I have not interacted with them, I have more contact with him than the others who are with him.

After this great loss we no longer felt we had to do anything; although there are guides, but there are almost some who have done it here and some who have done it here, God willing I have a passion for Rabilu and there are many of their colleagues that I would like to see their film together, but and when he left there were those who would call them to be cast in the film, and the oil was usually called because of him; When you go and look for Rabilu, he is said to be the one who works best, and you see that a person is called because of him. And among these actors to be filmed are the nephew of the late Ibro.

FIM: How many heroes does this film include?

RARARA: Tab! Actually this film I can not say for the number of people who will be involved, because it is something to start now and will continue, it is not known when the project will stop. You see, it cannot be said for the number of people in need. But so far we have called at least 20 to 30 people to start with.

FIM: At what stage will this film be shown?

RARARA: We will put it on YouTube, at least if a TV station asks us to sell it to them. And if we find a place to go to the cinema we will shine. But no matter what, we will always be on YouTube.

FIM: Finally, what do you have to do with it?

RARARA: Well, this is what I did, I did it to help each other. When someone comes to you and says give it to him, tomorrow he will give it to you, that's why I said let me come and do this business for the benefit of everyone.

And I expect that this film will draw they are called other projects, although even if someone says you give it and we give, not everyone is what you give will get, but in this way I seeing that everyone can benefit from each other.

And I call on all those who have been given the lead to direct this film, should stand up and do what is right to do, and act as a mediator with God, so that everyone is misguided, and so everyone corrects and knows.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the journalists, especially this Film magazine. It should also be said that those who are in this industry take this matter very seriously and provide accurate information to the likes of you so that we can remove accusations and doubts from people's minds about something that we have been told. do. There are a lot of things that will be done in this industry but they will not publish or fight, but as soon as they are bad you will see that they are the first to publish, and this is not necessary. We should be self-help and keep it a secret. So thank you.

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