Hearts of Oak is likely to play without their playmaker on ahead of the return leg in Algeria

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The ball joggler and decisive passes from the player to control the tempo of the game for Hearts will be out if care is not taking.

The fitness level of Salifu Ibrahim who got injured in their game against JS Saoura.

After he scored his long heading ball into the net, he stood on his grind to play with the injury but was not able.

With control of Accra Hearts of Oak team, the condition of their players are all coming back from injury and making a serious incursion to get a ready and fit player on the pitch.

Gladson Awako or Emmanuel Nettey will be the best player to fit into that position.

In the actual and reality check, Hearts of Oak this time will qualify in advance. The fitness of Awako who have stayed home for a long time will be a prospect to check.

No condition will be permanent with the view of the personal attacks. He might bring his experience and motivation in the team and will not be different in the lineup.

Awako’s inclusion can envelopes create more space for Hearts. If he is going to put everything aside and make what he is best known for.

The return leg will feature an usual player to run the skimming passes for Barnieh to do the runs.

The difference won’t be that huge because Salifu Ibrahim has not been in his indelible form we use to know.

All things been equal, the impact of the players will be good but not that of Awako who have been training on his own for a while now.

He might do better but the situation whereby he will be instrumental for the team is a puzzle to be solved another day.

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