3 Dangerous Things You Should Never Say to your Partner



In your relationship, avoid using superlatives and extremes. It's easy to accuse your partner of being constantly guilty of something. You must keep in mind that communication is ultimately about being able to improve your marriage. Listen to your partner's remarks rather than attacking them with your own.

When you use superlatives, you're stomping on your partner's ego. Rather than being overly broad, try to concentrate on specific situations and scenarios. When you're more direct with your partner, you're providing them a more real component of your relationship to work on.

2. I'm not very concerned.

You can't give your spouse the impression that you're going to ignore what they're trying to tell you. You must ALWAYS BE CONCERNED about what your partner is concerned about. Being in a relationship is all about having someone with whom you can always relate.

You don't have to be as concerned about your partner's sex life as they are, but you shouldn't think it's OK to be completely unconcerned. In any relationship, it's a sort of adoration and validation that will always be important.

3. Don't worry about it; it's not important.

Don't leave your conversation with your companion hanging by not finishing what you're saying. You must have faith that your partner will accept it with an open mind and a loving heart. Don't keep your emotions pent up. It's quite aggravating to cope with.

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