Google takes a giant step to protect smartphone users


Technology firm, GOOGLE has taken a big step in protecting the privacy of smartphone users as it updates it's Developer Programme Policy. This new upgrade means that, App Developers will have to give tangible reasons before Google will grant them access to others Apps on your smartphone.

Previously, Apps have unlimited access to the information contained in other Apps on your smartphone. This free access helped Apps lay hands on users key information about your banking, dating, password information among other.

However, from May 5, 2021, App Developers would be barred from accessing information on other Apps unless they give strong reasons why access should be granted by Google.

Many smartphone users would see this development as a welcome news as the unsafe Apps can no longer intrude in their privacy. Smartphone users sometimes question why an App may want access to about four or five different Apps before being installed.

Pro-privacy organisations and watchdogs are yet to comment on this novel move by Google.

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