How Rev Natasha Founded The Digital Ministry Team : 10 Year Anniversary


Celebrated City Preacher Rev Lucy Natasha began her online ministry exactly 10 years ago. Nothing starts with a lot of efforts and remains the same at the end. You must be humble when creating a foundation since it requires a tiresome process to reach at the pinnacle of success.

Rev Lucy Natasha is one of the Kenyan celebrities with an inspiring story worth to be celebrated and copied by young upcoming preachers. She started the digital online preacher with just a few followers on the social media. I traced the first video on her Facebook page that did not manage to get 100 likes. On YouTube, she had to upload a low quality 5 seconds videos without editing which garnered only 2K views.

In those Rev Natasha had not mobilized a huge clue on her panel despite maintaining that she was called and anointed to preach the gospel and tailor the youthful generation which has largely dominated on the social media.

It is until she met a young energetic queen, her personal assistant one princess Irene who ever remained loyal. Rev Natasha says that they dedicated and economized their little resources towards funding the outreach program. By the grace of God Princess Irene had good skills in photography. Whenever they travelled by public transport to go for gospel outreach services, Irene could take photos with the phone.

After some few years still proceeding with evangelistically ministry, she came across another young man by the name Dan Masoni, skilled and knowledgeable in Photography. It was after the meeting that they met and Dan requested to utilize her skills in the church ministry. He could not imagine that princess Irene was doing everything in the ministry including photography, playing Keyboard and worship.

Rev Natasha has now fully built a strong brand and digital team. She is moving steadfast with the evolvement of digital technology. The photojournalists produce quality image that even sometimes trend on the social media. All the church and social outreach programs are fully streamed on all social media platforms that got huge followings.


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