Little Known About Owner Of Killer Dam Solai



Very little is known about Mansukul Patel, the owner of the dam that killed 48 people in Solai Nakuru. The authorities has confirmed that he died from Covid 19. May he rest in peace. The Patel farm or Mimet Solai, as his farm us known, have a horticulture farm known as Solai Flowers, a coffee plantation and are also involved in dairy farming. Visitors to the farm are normally of Asian origin.

Although Patel's family has been involved in a number of community social responsibility like building a classroom at Solai Secondary School, equipping maternity at local health center, they completely denied surrounding communities access to the seven dams within their farms.

According to residents of Solai where the expensive farm is located, access to the expansive farm is strictly restricted.

Not much was known about the late Mansukul Patel but he has been described as a nice quiet man. Although his age is not known but is allegedly in his 60s. When he was alive he rarely interacted with people.

Veteran politician who represents the area he said that he found that the Patel could have cubic meters of water in his dams but he hardly shared with the locals.

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