We May Resume Very Soon. See Why

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"ASUU doesn't wants school to resume because they're being paid. Governmentgovernment teachers also don't want school to resume because they're getting paid. The heart of men are evil. We have private school teachers who didn't get paid because they aren't teacher" 

A young Nigerian said this morning on Twitter. 

We may resume schools earlier than we had thought owing to the fact that Nigerians has taken to Twitter to seek complain on the national lockdowns. 

Markets are open. Interstate highway is open. What's wrong with school? 

Another young Nigeria on twitter with the name Critical Thinker said 

"Dear FG, please follow ASUU advice and wait till 2021 or when it's safe (2022 or 2023). We can't expose our students and leaders of tomorrow BUT can you please stop paying lecturers from August till will reopen?. From: ASUU like mind" 

This is a pretty well sarcastic statement. The speaker is being ironic about ASUU decision and FG compliance. He however, opined that the FG should stop the payment since schools are closed too. 

Another young female Twitter user, with the name Tebi said 

"ASUU is really enjoying this whole pandemic, since they don’t want schools to open until 2021 they shouldn’t be paid their salaries until 2021 also. Allow these people graduate now🙄" 

In order words, with these surges rising underneath on twitter and everywhere. The FG is more likely to reconsider the closedown and reopen school. 

What do you think? 

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