After eight years of waiting, Kumasi woman gives birth to five children (Quintuplets) - Photos


When Jesus blesses you, not even the ugly smell coming the rotten fish can pollute the sensational aroma of such meticulous blessings. The laughter of every marriage is when the woman is able to give offsprings, but when that isn't coming, people start accusing the newly wedded couple of not been productive. This kind of game did not destroy the spirits of Elder Kenneth and his wife Vera as they kept waiting for the blessings of the Lord for eight years after marriage. 

Mrs Vera Amoateng who is from Kumasi, took to labour thinking she was about to have a set of twins probably two girls. She had no idea that, the God of Israel she and her husband serves was preparing a special place of glory for them at the labour ward. As Mrs Vera pushed with all her strength to see her beautiful girls, nurses told her there is still one more. She knew she was giving birth to twins so she knew the task involved to push again.

After the second deliver, she thought it was over and she was going to see her wonderful girls but she was told, there is still one more because the Lord opened the nurses eyes to see what X-ray machines couldn't see. Vera was puzzled to how nurses can tell her there is still one more when all she knows is she is having two not three. She was forced to gather courage and push again, and success brought another beautiful girl. 

It is still not done, we can see another one said the senior nurse, the Lord must be working to bless me for all the years I have been without children Mrs Vera prayed thanksgiving in her head. Just as Paul said in his letter to the Roman's, that we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us, the wife of the Elder Amoateng prayed in her head for strength and the Lord who knew what HE alone was doing granted her a painless delivery for the fourth girl. 

It is still not done, we can see the head of another one. That was when Mrs Vera Amoateng knew she was about to have five solid healthy looking children in just one night at labour. She thanked her stars whiles crying in tears of joy. Only Jesus can explain this miraculous delivery. I am a human and can never do this without you my lord, said Mrs Amoateng. As she laid there praying for courage to push, the last child came without any push. 

The glory of Jesus was at work said Elder Kenneth Nana Amoateng. Who are we to have this kind of favor, only God is to give glory to. The children are five in number, four girls and one boy. They are all healthy and kicking. Elder and his wife Vera are living testimonies of keep calm and let the Lord fight your battles for you.