Both Namhla And Hillary's Death Have One Thing in Common—This is What Was Discovered

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The argument on social media is that both the murder of Hillary Gardee and Namhla have something in common. The people being fingered in both murder cases are ANC members. There is a recent picture of the said major, the prime suspect in Namhla murder case, wearing an ANC t-shirt. Reports on social media also confirmed that the controversial business man was also involved in fatally shooting two of his employees some time ago and was released on bail due to his influence. Now the social media is boiling after a video suspected to be that of Namhla being beaten with a whip surfaced on the internet. One of the people who shared the video wrote, “There’s a video that surfaced of Namhla being beaten with a shambok by her partner. She was laying butt naked being beaten. It looks exactly like those slavery movies. The Govt should use her torture as a wake-up call. Statements alone are not enough”.

The picture of the said major putting on ANC t-shirts is circulating the internet and people are calling on the ANC to provide him to the police since he is their member. The body of Namhla was full of scares and bruises. Most top politicians have not tweeted about this except for Mmusi Maimane who tagged President Cyril Ramaphosa and the government to ensure that justice is served. It's been alleged that the said major is also a married man, and Namhla is very much aware. This is Where people are also casting blames on her. Again, some are also blaming her for partly being responsible for her death for staying in such a humiliating relationship for such a long time. One person who felt offended by her actions also blamed her family for not pushing her out of the relationship earlier, saying that whatever they are doing now is like medicine after death because it will never bring her back to life.


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