Meet Kurhula Makhuvhele who baked a frog cake

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Image:Kurhula Makhuvhele with her baked cake

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The woman from Limpopo province bakes cake. She is a businesswoman who have been baking for years. This talented woman showcase her work in social media platforms.

Kurhula baked a first cake of the frog. It's her passion to bake as she always bakes and mostly animal cakes. She also baked a snake cake.Among the best artist she baked cake for is Black Coffee who won a Remy award in overseas. She baked his trophy as it it.

Makhuvhele cutted the cake and indeed inside it was the cake. However it's scary outside but very artistic. This woman is going far with her business as she gets popular clients specific artist.

Briefly SA also shared her amazing work. She is getting more exposure with her business.

Golden crispy frog cake

See it cutted slice

People commented funny.They are laughing at the cake. However one commented positively.

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