Read What A White Man Said As Nigerians In UK Returned Back To Abuja House For A Protest

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#HarassBuhariOutOfLondon protest appears to have come and gone due to the fact that the President of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari is back to the country after a 2-week medical leave which saw him jet out of Nigeria to the UK where he reportedly received treatment. Nigerians in the UK made it a 'No Peace' for him as they stormed Abuja House on a daily basis to ask Buhari to return back to Nigeria and also resign from office after they narrated how things have been hard for Nigerians in Nigeria which has made life difficult for some.

Just when we thought the protest was over, Nigerians in London stormed Abuja House today carrying a placard with the inscription, 'Buhari Must Go'. The protesters called for the resignation of Muhammadu Buhari as they alleged that nothing seems to be working under his administration, hence the need for him to leave office, bearing in mind that he has 2 years to go.

I wonder why people are calling for his resignation, knowing fully well that such a thing cannot happy as he will definitely complete his remaining years in office before someone else will take over. As the protesters stormed Abuja House today, one of the thing that caught the writer's (ReignJerry) attention was the presence of a white man at the protest ground.

The White Man who spoke in American accent said that Buhari should resign from office as soon as possible as he expressed concern on the President's visit to London for medical attention when that should have been done in his country.

Watch Video:

Some Nigerians reacted to the video as they said those protesting at Abuja House in UK are bringing National shame and disgrace to the country, others also told Omoleye Sowore that his plans to make Buhari resign will never work.

I so much disagree with what Omoleye Sowore and his loyalists are doing as this is so wrong knowing fully well that President Muhammadu Buhari is a democratically elected president who can never be removed from office.

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