R.I.P. Mudau Awelani, Young Nurse Murdered By Boyfriend

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The family of a young woman who was killed by your boyfriend at Anderson High School is still struggling to come to terms with the tragedy. 

Even more distressing is the fact that the man has vanished and is now using the same woman's cellphone to pretend she's still alive, even though she is dead. 

Students at Khanyisa Nursing School in Johannesburg, where she attended, are inconsolable at the death of their classmate, who was shot and killed by her lover on Tuesday when she was in the vicinity of the school. 

It's heartbreaking that anything like this has even occurred, and it's even more heartbreaking that so many people are caught in the middle of it. Basically, they're appealing with authorities to find the guy and bring him in since he's definitely running from them and believes he'll get away with it. 

She is identified as Mukondeleli Ahuna and was killed by her boyfriend, who is now being sought by the authorities for information so that he can be prosecuted. Taking him into jail is necessary because of the severity of the crime he has committed, and he should be charged with it as soon as possible. 

Her ex-boyfriend, Mudau Awelani, is still on the lam and is still using her phone to send texts to everyone she was in contact with prior to her death, with the exception of their fellow classmate. If anyone has any information that could lead to the arrest of the person responsible for this appalling crime, they are urging the general public to come forward.

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