Banks to soon accept the National ID as the only means of identification.


The Ghana Association of Bankers, the National Identification Authority and the Bank of Ghana in a joint discussion representing the banks in Ghana are making plans that the banks in Ghana use National ID as the primary source of identification and bank transactions.

“Discussions are presently ongoing, and I’m sure in a short while, customers will get information from banks on how to use the national ID as a primary source of identification for banking transactions.”Chief Executive of the Ghana Association of Bankers, John Awuah said.

Until the finalisation of the discussion, Ghanaians are left aloof as to the facts of this recent development either being for all banks or just the commercial banks.

Prior to the completion of the debate, the banks will use the National ID and all other means of Identification until there is a law to that says that the National ID will be the sole means of inputting information in the banking industry. “But when that period is over, then the law says only the National ID becomes the primary document or card for inputting information of customers in banking transactions.”Mr.John Awuah added.

The National ID provides biometric identification encoded at the front and all personal identification details most of the other cards have.

Effects of this development

The current development and turn this is taking means that:

Fraud will be reduced, because of the Biometric identification.

Multiple means of identification will not be required any longer.

The government will save cost of card making.

This may cut across all fifteen ECOWAS member states.

There will be easy documentation mostly digitisation.

Late last year, when the Vice-President aired that Ghanaians can link and renew the NHIS card with the National ID using a short code.Within the speech he made mention of the National ID being the only means of identification “With the agenda of Ghana Card being the sole form of identification and access to social services..."Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

In conclusion, this development will benefit Ghanaians and aid the country in attaining development.Afterall, we are in the computer age, why should we be left behind?