All muslims Should Take Note Of This Concerning Hajj Pilgrimage


There's an upcoming program for muslims and it is looking like it won't come easily or flow smoothly like that.

The Saudi Arabia's health authorities have sent out a strong message to all muslims concerning the annual Hajj Pilgrimage and the Covid-19 vaccine.

According to them, before you make up your mind to step foot in Mecca, you should have evidence or proof of having taking the shots for Covid or being injected and this a must.

It is also a program every grown up muslim is advised to undertake once in their life time of which about 2.5 million people attend each year. This program was hash-tagged "No Vaccine No Hajj".

This is the post made by CGTN:

So, as started above, unless you get vaccinated, you shouldn't bother to come for this of 5-6 days Hajj.

And in the case that you want to come, you must have your proof of Covid-19 vaccine shot. Get vaccinated today!

Thank you.