SAD NEWS: Man Dies While Having Good Times With His Girlfriend

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We have lost a soldier, in the line of duty in Kagio township.

The middle aged paratrooper, booked a lodging on Friday April 9th and paid the required 300 bob fee.

After a few minutes, he was joined by an "awendo" and they locked themselves in. Of course their intention wasn't to discuss the burial of DMX.

It is not known at exact what point he breathed his last, but it is suspected that when he kicked the air, the owner of the ATM, thought he was stretching for the 20 digits salute constitutional requirement mandatory for every fauna with a tail in front, firing live ammunition.

The awendo flew away immediately she discovered the Hoof-Eater had gone while cumming.

He died quickly and permanently and was discovered latter in the evening at 2100 by the hotel management. 

Sad that we continue losing lives in the battlefield, because men are blatantly ignoring the 2 minutes and 59 seconds directive.

We had flattened the curve but it seems there is a new wave.

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