What Pain Is All About, A Word To The Wise


Life in this world is a great struggle. It is just impossible for someone to come into this world, and face no troubles. Many things are in this world that are just unbelievable, and are impossible to understand. Sometimes these things are what leads people to do bad stuff. Not that they want to, but like they have no choice.Have you ever wondered, what it'd be like if you knew everything? Like if you knew the answer to every puzzle, if you had the answer to every single problem. Have you thought that for once my life would be better if I just knew.

You know sometimes people keep things from people, and reasons why are maybe to protect them, save them from pain or something. But all for a good course or purpose.

That is why many people are suffering in life today, and maybe not. Yet still, it is part of the many reasons why. Keeping secrets from your loved ones, your closets friends, and from people you care about, doesn't really have a positive impact ones your life. Well let me tell you today that, keeping a secret only prolongs pain. It only makes things worse. Why? Because at the end, the truth always comes out followed with the pain.

It hurts to see someone you care about suffer. And i know that because, there are a lot of things that I need to know that no one is telling me about. So please don't keep things from your family. Just know that light shines brighter than darkness.

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