Unexpected| A guy Stopped Smoking And Immediately Save Up The Money. Check How Much He Saved

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20/05 /2022

Source https://twitter.com/EnigmalsDJ/status/1526904992841486338?t=E0SGs4B8bia4XvbizjOGDg&s=19

A young man took it to Twitter to motivate other people with his savings after stopped smoking.

"I stopped smoking and immediately began to save up the money and black child it is possible," said Enigma. According to Enigma, one can stop smoking and save up the money they used to buy their cigarettes.

Enigma was focusing on black children because are the ones using it more often and are those who know him. He was allegedly using weed, and he could use more than R200 per week for it including cigarettes. Enigma encourages people, more especially youth.

However, some people claim that is not that easy for one to stop smoking because smoking can be addictive. Even so, many people are motivated and they are willing to try to stop smoking and save up the money.

Please leave some tips and advice for those who are trying to stop smoking. Your advice will be highly appreciated.


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