White Isuzu Bakkie was recovered by the JMPD K9 officers in Unville

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Last night 02 July a stolen Isuzu was recovered by the JMPD K9 officers at the 4th street in Unaville, the vehicle was stolen in Alberton a day ago.

According to the statement given the vehicle was stolen from the victims work place after on Saturday, just before he went off from work. Only to find that his vehicle was missing when it was time to go home.

The victim immediately went to report the case to the police and open a case, the vehicle was luckily recovered in less than two day. It was found it the house of the suspect, at the back door.

The suspect was immediately arrested he claimed he wasn't alone in the mission and to reveal names of his friends, more arrests will be made before the end of today.

The motive of the suspect was to sell the vehicle to the Zimbabweans at the border, this cars are one of those vehicles that are being hijacked and transported to Zimbabwean.

The vehicle is currently booked in Lenasia Pound.


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